Chapter V: quomodo Sextus versipellis factus est      Back to Chapter 5 contents

Ch 5 Reading Comprehension: quomodo Sextus versipellis factus est

Answer the following questions.
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9 questions

1. What does Sextus say lived in his house in Pompeii?

2. How old was Sextus at the time of the story he is telling?

3. Quis est Achilles?

4. Where was Sextus when he met the werewolf (be specific)?

5. Quis est nomen versipelli?

6. What does the werewolf give Sextus?

7. Why does Sextus say he is not lucky?

8. Translate into English: Sed nunc senex sum, et nōn iam volō lupus esse.

9. Translate into English: Pōtiōnem potābam, et subitō lupus eram.

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