Chapter VII: ambulatōrēs mortuī      Back to Chapter 7 contents

Exercitum 7.1

For each underlined phrase, give the Latin construction (accusative place to which, ablative place where, ablative place from which) that would be needed to translate the phrase into Latin.
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1. The gods of the Greeks and Romans lived on Mount Olympus.

2. Sometimes, however, the gods and goddesses would come down from the mountain.

3. They would go into the cities, often in disguise.

4. Once Jupiter and Mercury were travelling in a distant land.

5. In one town, disguised as weary travelers, they knocked on doors asking for shelter.

6. No one in the town allowed them to come into their house.

7. One couple, however, opened the door and allowed the visitors to come into the house.

8. Baucis and Philemon were very poor, but they put what food they had on the table.

9. They even tried to capture their pet goose to feed the visitors, but the goose ran away from them.

10. The gods destroyed the town, but Baucis and Philemon were rewarded. They served the rest of their lives as priests in the temple the gods built.

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