Chapter VI: diēs postrēmī Pompeiōrum      Back to Chapter 6 contents

Exercitum 6.4

For each of the following nouns, give the case and number. Some may have more than one possible case/number combination. The number in parentheses indicated how many possibile case/number combinations there are. (You may abbreviate cases and numbers if you wish.) Examples: canibus (2) Your answer: dative plural, ablative plural puellae (4) Your answer: genitive singular, dative singular, nominative plural, vocative plural
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8 questions

1. hortō (2)

2. urbem (1)

3. agrī (3)

4. viīs (2)

5. arborēs (3)

6. ianuā (1)

7. lupōrum (1)

8. librōs (1)

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