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Exercitum 13.4

For each underlined verb, give the person, number, and tense. Then translate the verb, taking into account the context of the verb in the sentence.
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1. Erat septima hora.
2. Titus librum lēgit.
3. Trēs līberī dormient.
4. Cornēlius ē fenestrā spectat.
5. Clamabāmus "CERĒBRA! CERĒBRA!
6. Domine, convertere raedam nōn possum.
7. Senex dicit, "clamābō Ignem Volcanī!"
8. "Mēcum venīte sī vivere vis!" dixistis.
9. Ianuam raedae aperuimus.
10. Subitō ex nihilō iuxta raedam apparēbas.
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