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Exercitum 10.1

Give the Latin case that would be needed to translate the underlined noun into Latin. Then give the use of the case that is being demonstrated.
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1. Augustus was the first emperor of Rome.
3. He built many monuments and buildings.
5. He gave the Romans many gifts.
7. Varus was one of Augustus' generals.
9. In Germany, Varus was defeated by Arminius.
11. This battle took place in the Teutoberg Forest.
13. The Germans captured three legionary standards and the golden eagles that topped them.
15. Augustus wanted those three standards back.
17. "Varus," Augustus cried, "give me my three eagles back!"
19. Eventually, a general named Germanicus would go to Germany to avenge the loss.
21. He marched north with eight legions.
23. The legions fought with swords and spears.
25. Germanicus brought two of the three eagles back from Germany.
27. Germanicus was a great hero.
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