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Exercitum 6.5

For each sentence, give the Latin function of the underlined noun. Then give the Latin noun (in the correct case and number) that would be needed to translate it. For the function of the noun, choose one of the following: subject, predicate nominative, possession, direct object, indirect object, place where, direct address.
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functionLatin word
1. The boy runs to the house.
3. My dog loves to run in the fields.
5. The door of the country-house is large.
7. Sextus is climbing the tree.
9. Marcus, go inside!
11. The branches of the trees are sturdy.
13. Cornelia feeds her vegetables to the dogs.
15. From the treetop, Flavia can see the roofs of many country-houses.
17. Cornelia is my sister.
19. The old men are in the forest.
21. Cornelia gives Flavia the book.
23. Friends, it is time for dinner.
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