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Irregular verb ferō, ferre

You have encountered a number of irregular verbs. The most common one is sum, esse ("to be"), which is irregular in three tenses (the present, imperfect, and future). Sum and its compounds, like possum, posse ("to be able"), are the only verbs that irregular in three tenses. Most irregular verbs are only irregular in the present. You have already seen volō, velle ("to want") and eō, īre ("to go"). Ferō, ferre is another irregular verbs like these – it is only irregular in the present. This chart summarizes these three verbs:

Present Tense

ferō, ferre

volō, velle

eō, īre


Persona I

ferō = I bring

volō = I want

eō = I go

Persona II

fers = you bring

vis = you want

is = you go

Persona III

fert = he/she/it brings

vult = he/she/it wants

it = he/she/it goes


Persona I

ferimus = we bring

volumus = we want

imus = we go

Persona II

fertis = y'all bring

vultis = y'all want

itis = y'all go

Persona III

ferunt = they bring

volunt = they want

eunt = they go


ferēbam, etc.

volēbam, etc.

ībam, etc.


feram, etc.

(like third conjugation)

volam, etc.

(like third conjugation)

ībō, etc.

(like first conjugation)